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Hey there! I've been working on this multiplayer, top down shooter for a while now. I'm planning on releasing it on Greenlight, hoping it will be played by a lot of people.

The game features a customizable server, offline playing, LAN and multiplayer action, custom maps + a map editor, smooth gameplay, stunning graphics and awesome effects. You can currently try the Deathmatch mode, just shoot at each other or at bots using one of the 18 different weapons. Or jump into co-op zombie survival mode so you and your friends can hold off as many zombies as you can!

More game modes such as capture the flag, defend your base, realistic modes and more will be featured in the game in the future. The list of weapons will at least triple, and there will be more and more content in the sense of enemy-humiliating moves, zombie-shredding melee weapons, map-breaking vehicles and upgrades, and much much more.

The idea:
A simple game you can enjoy for a quick 10 minutes, or a long session of hours in a row! 

The game is still in development, but is playable. I'm running a closed beta test as you're reading this, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on it so far.

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