0.2.5 released

  • Basic setup for dedicated servers - running the game without graphics for optimal performance on servers
  • Setup a dedicated server to run some deathmatch matches
  • Improved zombie pathfinding
  • Stability fixes for surfaces
  • Fixed error where server would receive "Server is a different protocol" mid-game and disconnect
  • Fixed erronous timers for clients joining in pre-game state
  • Added option to disable post screen shader
  • Added chromatic abbreviation as extra post screen effect
  • Tweaked explosion sound effects + screen effects
  • Empty weapon clicks, footsteps and some other sound effects are no longer playing when you have "temporary hearing damage"
  • Weapon switching sounds are less hard
  • Bullet case sounds are less loud
  • Added score for assists back in
  • Added information on how much damage you did to the one who killed you
  • Clearer deathscreen


Shoot 'm Up - Closed Beta - 0.2.4 55 MB
May 28, 2017
shootmup-0.2.5.exe 52 MB
May 30, 2017

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