0.3.0 released

- Fixed zombies no longer running around when on fire

- Fixed some final zombie stuttering on low FPS hosts
- Added "server quit" message if server stops the game
- Fixed a small memory leak when loading maps
- Added Capture the Flag game mode
- Added team deathmatch
- Added multi-team deathmatch
- Fixed issues where bots would keep shooting at dead players (they saw ghosts lol)
- Made bots aim a little less quick
- Bot names no longer get drawn double
- Changed main menu music
- You can now add DM spawns, Zombie-player spawns, and team spawns
- Updated map version + combined a lot of maps (because of the new spawns)EXISTING MAPS will no longer load. Please take them through the map editor first and edit where needed!
- Automatically remove the zombie objective on non-zombie game modes
- Made bots reload less often
- Updated engine from 1.4 to 2.0 (This fixes a random crash with a lot of bots)
- Added splash screen to show while loading game initially
- Fixed linear interpolation being disabled when game starts
- Added support for resolutions: 1366x768, 1600x900, 2560x1440, 3840x2160
- Edited some scoring effects


shootmup-0.2.5.exe 52 MB
May 30, 2017

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